What Are Street Tacos?

image of a street taco

There are many types of tacos which we have all come to love and enjoy. You might be a hard shell taco person, enjoying the crunch and snap of the tortilla with the soft innards. Perhaps you’re more of a soft shell person who is attracted to the fluffy and delightful taco variety. But if you’ve never had street tacos, you are missing out. Street tacos are a little smaller than their more common big brothers. However, they come in higher numbers and are very versatile.

The First Tacos

Tacos were invented out of practicality. In old times in Central Mexico, women would bring the meals out of the men who were working in the fields. They would wrap the meals (often beans, rice, and sometimes meat) in tortillas to make it easier to carry and eat. Tacos then migrated from the rural farming areas to the cities when many farmers moved to the cities in the 20th century. Now, Mexico City is famous for its many street taco vendors featuring many variations of the taco from different parts of the country.

The First Street Tacos

There is nothing which is quite like walking down the street in the middle of beautiful Ixtapa, Mexico City, or one of the other excellent street food cities and buying a taco from one of the authentic venders. Street tacos are surprisingly smaller than a normal taco but usually come with at least 3 crowded onto a plate. They usually have a second tortilla wrapped around the first one and can be eaten rather quickly. Their smaller size and extra tortilla are great for street travelers who want to avoid long, messy meals. The extra tortilla is handy because it can be arranged to help with a cleaner eating experience.

Street Taco Ring Leaders

Two of the most famous street taco versions are fish tacos and pastor tacos. Fish tacos usually include tilapia, but could be made of any fish variety preferred. Pastor tacos are made of slow-cooked pork which comes from a giant spit. As the tacos are made, the pork is shaved off the spit and placed in the taco. This is one of the most delicious tacos you can find in Mexico, as the pastor style of cooking has been refined. They are usually heavily seasoned which adds to the incredible flavor. Of course in Mexico each area of the country has developed their own style of taco, however, these two in particular have traveled well and have found their way into the United States.

Now the likelihood of you finding a street taco stand this time of year is not very high. Of course, you could go to Mexico, but you actually don’t have to go that far to try some authentic Mexican Street Tacos. Fortunately, you have another option. Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina offers delicious tacos including, authentic food, and endearing qualities at their family restaurant and cantina, especially the tequila! We invite you to come visit one of our locations in Acton, Groton, and Lunenburg Massachusetts