Top 10 Spanish Sayings to Know

Spanish is a language that as an American we face on a daily basis. Spanish truly is

a beautiful language from an exotic land. But while Spanish may seemexotic it is actually very common, especially in both North and South America. Chances are good that in your lifetime you will either travel to a Spanish speaking country or encounter Spanish-speaking people right here in your own country. Are you caught up on your Spanish? Have you ever considered learning Spanish?


While it may not be necessary to learn Spanish, it’s never a bad idea to learn. If you have taken a Spanish class in the past, most of the things on this list from will be familiar. However, if you have never been exposed to Spanish before, the following is a list of good things to know.

The Top 10 Spanish Phrases to Know

by Cari Luna

1. Do you speak English? ¿Habla usted inglés? AH-blah OO-stehd een-GLEHS

2. I don’t understand. No comprendo. noh kohm-PREHN-doh

3. I’m allergic to … Soy alérgico/a a … sohy ah-LEHR-hee-koh/kah ah

4. I need a doctor. Necesito un doctor. neh-seh-SEE-toh oon dohk-TOHR

5. Where is the emergency exit? ¿Dónde está la salida de emergencia? DOHN-deh eh-STAH lah sah-LEE-dah deh eh-mehr-HEN-see-ah

6. Hello! ¡Hola! OH-lah

7. Good-bye! ¡Adiós! ah-dee-OHS

8. My name is … Me llamo … me YAH-moh

9. Where is … ? ¿Dónde está … ? DOHN-deh eh-STAH

10. I’m lost. Estoy perdido/a. eh-STOHY pehr-DEE-doh/dah

All of these are important sayings in Spanish to be able to go into a Spanish speaking country and have the ability to talk with locals in their local tongue. Spanish is a simple language to learn. However, when you are just beginning to learn Spanish it can be very helpful to consult someone who has experience with the Spanish language to help you with the correct pronunciation. The last thing you want to do is ask someone for help and pronounce an important word wrong. That could be the difference between getting a doctor  or getting something entirely different .

Spanish is one of the predominant languages in the United States and chances are good that on any given day you will cross paths with someone who speaks it. Learning simple, yet important Spanish sayings can help you in those daily situations. The list above is just the beginning. There are many many short, simple and useful Spanish phrases that you could learn quickly and easily. And if you’re looking to practice your new skills, come on down to any of Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina’s Massachusetts locations. Our staff speaks plenty of Spanish and are always happy to share in some friendly conversation! Don’t be shy… practice makes perfect!