The City of Ixtapa

The City of Ixtapa, Mexico - Ixtapa Mexican Grill & CantinaIxtapa is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the impressive shadow of the mighty Sierra Madre mountain range. There are over 15 miles of sand beaches and numerous quiet coves scattered along the beautiful, tropical coastline. The town is a center for any number of outdoor water recreation adventures. It’s also home to beautiful resorts where people can be found sunbathing, golfing, and enjoying the incredible scenery. Ixtapa boasts a moderate climate and refreshing sea breezes, remaining enjoyable throughout the year with temperatures hovering in the 70s.

History of Ixtapa

Though Ixtapa has been built up recently by Mexican government to make the beautiful beaches and scenery more accessible to the public, it actually has an interesting history. Zihuatanejo, a town a few miles away from Ixtapa, once served essentially as a resort for an ancient monarchs of the Purepecha Kingdom. After a conquest or a long period at court, they would travel with their court favorites, a few guards, and several beautiful women to enjoy the sea, and beaches. One king even built a breakwater (a rock reef) to create a sort of swimming pool. This can still be seen at Playa Las Gatas (a favorite beach). Several centuries later, Ixtapa now shows off the beauty of the Pacific coast, much like Cancun represents the Atlantic coast.

The City of Ixtapa, Mexico - Ixtapa Mexican Grill & Cantina

The fishing town of Zihuatanejo.

Visiting the City of Ixtapa

Ixtapa is most known for its world-class resort area with many beautiful restaurants and nightclubs, exotic golf courses, and miles of incredible golden beaches. It’s the perfect location to attract swimmers, sunbathers, and watersport enthusiasts. In addition to these activities, you will find yourself swimming with dolphins (or whale sharks, if you dare), riding horseback along the beaches, visiting little islands often compared to paradise, and witnessing ancient relics of past civilizations. Only 4 miles away, the more traditional fishing port of Zihuatanejo, is the simpler sister of the festive Ixtapa. Zihuatanejo is filled with old-world charm, delicious seaside cafes, and cozy inns, nestled among the many coves. Whether you prefer the bright lights of Ixtapa or the laid-back, postcard-worthy culture Zihuatanejo, it’s an area of Mexico well worth visiting.  

Eating At Ixtapa

Of course, anyone would be remiss without trying some of the great local spots for food. Restaurants offer literally every type of food you can imagine. Some restaurants will offer incredible views of the ocean, while others are known for their fresh seafood. Because of Zihuatanejo’s renown as a fishing port, a part of every trip should be trying the various dishes offered in their seaside restaurants. Most places get their vegetables fresh from the hills and the fish from the sea that same day.

During the cold New England winters we often find ourselves dreaming of the lovely beaches of Ixtapa and the delicious seafood of Zihuatanejo. Even though it’s so far away, we make do with delicious authentic Mexican food, and tasty margaritas. If you would like to join us at one of our Ixtapa locations click here. Out menu of enchiladas and combos with tamales is the next best thing to vacation.