What Are Street Tacos?

image of a street taco

There are many types of tacos which we have all come to love and enjoy. You might be a hard shell taco person, enjoying the crunch and snap of the tortilla with the soft innards. Perhaps you’re more of a soft shell person who is attracted to the fluffy and delightful taco variety. But if you’ve never had street tacos, you are missing out. Street tacos are a little smaller than their more common big brothers. However, they come in higher numbers and are very versatile.

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Taco Bar Ideas for Your Next Party

Nothing makes feeding people at a party easier than making a buffet. There’s less clean-up, and you can prepare everything ahead of time so that you don’t have worry about timing all of the courses correctly. You can even make it into a potluck so as to save yourself time and money. Plus, picky eaters or those with special diet restrictions will be able to create their own meals with the ingredients that they want. [Read more…]

Down Where It’s Better: Shrimp Tacos

You’ve probably had a fish taco at least once in your life, but what about a shrimp taco? Seafood has always been a light and refreshing alternative to traditional meat, rice, and beans fare. Bite-sized with a firm crunch, shrimp make a great pairing with crisp vegetables either cooked plain or grilled with spices. Below is a great recipe from Food Network Kitchen for shrimp with a chipotle heat and a cooling avocado salsa verde, usable either on the stovetop or grill. [Read more…]