What Is A Cantina?

What Is A Cantina? - Ixtapa Mexican Grill & CantinaOver the last several years, the number of Mexican “cantinas” has increased greatly. While this brings much joy to those who love authentic Mexican food, tradition, and culture, it also has caused some to wonder what exactly a cantina is. This article will help you understand the cantina is, and where it originated.

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Great Vegetarian Fajita Recipe

Sizzling fajitas are one of the best and most exciting authentic Mexican foods to eat. However, skipping the meat counter is a great way to save money and load up on healthy vegetables. With this great recipe, you will not even miss the meat as the Portobello mushrooms and bell peppers add texture and substance.

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The History of the Mexican Cantina

You might have noticed a skyrocket in Mexican restaurants and cantinas in the past 5-10 years, but have you ever wondered what exactly a “cantina” is? [Read more…]

What Makes a Chili Pepper Hot?

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Making Corn Tortillas by Hand

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5 Tips for Amazing Fajitas

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Top 10 Spanish Sayings to Know

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