Taco Bar Ideas for Your Next Party

Nothing makes feeding people at a party easier than making a buffet. There’s less clean-up, and you can prepare everything ahead of time so that you don’t have worry about timing all of the courses correctly. You can even make it into a potluck so as to save yourself time and money. Plus, picky eaters or those with special diet restrictions will be able to create their own meals with the ingredients that they want.

Taco Bar Ideas, Ixtapa Mexican Grill and Cantina, MAA taco bar can be a great party hit because just about everyone loves tacos, they are easy to make, and are super flexible when it comes to ingredients. Here are some ideas to make the most memorable taco bar ever.

  1. The Fixin’s

Make sure to serve both a meat and a vegetarian option for the main taco filling. Meat can be beef, shredded pork, chicken, or even fish or shrimp. It’s all in how it’s marinated. Cook the meat in taco seasoning or simply squeeze some lime on a seafood option. For the vegetarians, you can offer refried beans and/or rice for the main filling.

There is the everlasting debate over hard- and soft-shelled tacos, so make sure that you have both on hand. If you have any gluten-free partygoers, make sure to get some corn tortillas along with the flour ones, or their taco may just become a taco salad.

Wide variety of toppings is what will make your taco bar really stand out. Homemade salsa and guacamole are always appreciated. Shredded lettuce, cheese, and diced tomatoes are always a good touch. Slice up a jalapeno (make sure to wear gloves) and even lay out bunches of cilantro for a really impressive taco bar.

  1. The Presentation

The bar you place your taco bar on is what will really pull everything together. While it may not be a real bar (perhaps just a dining room table), cover it with a festive plastic tablecloth for easy clean-up. Purchase colorful matching plates, plastic silverware, and napkins at your local party or dollar store to tie everything together. Mexican décor is known to make use of bright primary or pastel colors, so don’t hesitate to combine a number of vibrant colors on your taco bar.

  1. Drinks

A taco bar isn’t complete with drinks to go with it! A supplemental margarita bar could be the icing on the cake for your party. You can even make virgin margaritas an option if kids are around.

If margaritas sound like too much work on top of your taco bar, then you can simply make a big batch of sangria the night before the party. Simply pour your favorite wine in a pitcher with some brandy or triple sec, juice from lemon or limes, cut up fruit, and then stir it all together.

If you’d rather not do the cooking but still want to experience a taco bar, consider visiting Ixtapa Mexican Grill and Cantina at one of our Massachusetts locations. Some of our locations host a free taco bar during sports events. Like us on Facebook for more information!