Is Salsa Good for You? The Healthy Side of Sauce

Salsa may surprise you with its nutritious benefits that just so happen to be delicious (especially with tortilla chips).

We’re pretty amazed ourselves with the health benefits of salsa. While this common Spanish sauce can vary significantly in flavor and ingredients, there are some consistent feel-good qualities inherent in any salsa recipe. Here they are.

Is Salsa Good for You? The Healthy Side of SauceSalsa has healthy ingredients

Salsa is a great base for nutrient-rich add-ins. Whether it’s a healthy chip snack or a complement to your favorite meal, incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into this tomato-based sauce couldn’t be easier. In fact, no salsa recipe would be complete without the flavoring of many vegetables and herbs. When chili peppers are added, the chemical capsaicin promotes healthy digestion and ulcer prevention. Check out these five unique salsa recipes for a satisfying and guilt-free experience.

Salsa is low in calorie count

Salsa packs a zesty punch with just 20 calories per ¼ cup. Put it to work as a healthy dip for chips or vegetable sticks. Use it as an alternative to mayo, butter or sour cream on your sandwiches and burgers. Add it to soups, beans and lentils.

Salsa is loaded with vitamins

Vitamin C is known for protecting our cells from damage, neutralizing toxic compounds, boosting immunity, improving skin conditions, and protecting against cardiovascular disease. Vitamin A promotes good eye health, immune system health, and thyroid hormone function. The great news: salsa contains plenty of both.

So, is salsa good for you? You bet!

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