Pairing Food with Tequila

Many of us have probably paired wine and cheese or wine and other food before. Pairing Food, Ixtapa Grill and Cantina, MABut did you know that there is also a science to pairing tequila with food? The various flavors of different tequilas assimilate with certain foods so nicely. Since tequila comes from Mexico, it is only right to pair tequila with authentic Mexican food.

First, you need to become educated about different types of tequilas before you choose what to pair them with. There are four basic types of tequila: blanco, gold, reposado, and anejo. Each has a different flavor due to its unique aging process.


Blanco tequila is a young tequila that is not barrel aged like other tequilas. Its lack of aging is what causes it to be silver. Without the integration of the wooden barrel, the flavor of blanco is more akin to vodka and can be paired similarly. It works well with seafood, especially spicy seafood and seafood infused with citrus. Both fish tacos and ceviche pair nicely with blanco tequila.


Gold tequila is a blend of blanco and reposado. The best dish to pair with gold tequila would be a blend of something that is both a little sweet and a little spicy, since it will mimic the two sides of this type of tequila. Gold tequila works well with tacos and sopes that utilize hot spices as well as sweetness.


Reposado is tequila that has been barrel aged in oak for two to twelve months. The smoky flavor that comes from the infusion of the oak makes reposado the perfect tequila to pair with barbeque. Grilled chicken and other barbequed white meats are great for pairing with reposado.


Anejo is a sipping tequila, aged in an oak barrel for over a year, which causes a deeper wood flavor and a smoother drink. This is the best tequila to pair with steak and other red meats. Anejo also pairs well with dessert, especially those involving chocolate, since it is the smoothest of all of the above tequilas.

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