dessertBefore placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy.

A caramel custard, made with egg, milk and coffee liquor. Glazed with a hint of caramel. 4.95

A traditional Mexican crispy pastry coated with cinnamon sugar. 4.75

A warm Mexican pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar. 4.75

Brownie Sundae
A warm fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. 4.75

Deep Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream in a crispy coating topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 4.75

Dessert Burrito
Choices of apple cinnamon or creamy cheesecake rolled in a flour tortilla, lightly fried, then covered with caramel sauce and whipped cream. 4.95