Four Mexican Candies That Will Have You Begging for More

image of a paleta payaso - one of several delicious Mexican candiesIn the mood for something sweet, but tired of the same candy you find in stores every day? Maybe it’s time to take a step outside of the box and feast your eyes on something different. Unlike most America candies, Mexican brands focus more on the spicier and tangier approach. With a rich tradition and many different exotic flavors, Mexican candy is a surely underrated. Check out this list of some of top Mexican candies and do not miss your chance to try something different.

4. The Iconic Pulparindo

Common to most Mexican candies, Pulparindo is tamarind-based, another commonality is that candy is actually spicy. The taffy-like texture is chewy and sure to pack a punch of flavors. From hot to tangy, if you are looking for the ultimate flavor roller coaster the famous Puplarindo is exactly what you need. For those that are more daring, the Pulparindo comes in a spicier flavor called “extra picante” which is sure to get your nasal passages activated. Although this candy is not traditionally not sweet, it is still one of the most popular Mexican candies.

3. The Heartwarming Paleta Payoso

A more traditional candy, Paleta Payoso is in the hearts of many Latin Americans. It is a classic marshmallow covered in chocolate topped with a smiley face made out of jelly. Although this candy is not as extravagant, there is a story behind it: in most Latin American cultures the Paleta Payoso was is used as a reward. For example, when child completed a chore they were rewarded with a candy.  A candy that has a rich tradition and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

2. The Historic De La Rosa Manzapan

This is one of the most traditional and oldest sweets in the Mexican culture. De La Rosa Manzapan is a peanut based dessert that has a very flakey texture. The small circle is barely held together and instantly starts to melt in your mouth from the second it touches your lips. This sweet will have you questioning where it has been your whole life.

1. The King of Them All, Rebanaditas

This famous lollipop is like no other, and is at the top of every Latin Americans favorite candy. The best part of this candy is that it takes the best of both worlds and puts it into one, the salty and spicy outside coating with a soft sweet gummy watermelon inside. The initial rush of the heat sends your senses into a rush, but the calming watermelon sooths the burn. Being such an iconic candy, it takes the number one spot on the list.

Trying the candy and food from a different culture doesn’t just take your taste buds for a trip, it helps you understand the culture as well. Much like Mexican candy, Mexican cuisine is so much more than just the normal burritos and tacos. If you want to experience authentic Mexican food, come by the Ixtapa Cantina and check out ours menus – from delicious main dishes to authentic desserts.